Meet our Co-founder, Anita Stangl at the Commonwealth Club Middle East Forum…

Meet our Co-founder, Anita Stangl at the Commonwealth Club Middle East Forum…

Mark Your Calendars!

Anita Stangl, Co-Founder and Special Consultant to Alliance for Smiles, will share her experience and insights on building bridges with international communities while addressing he second most common birth defect in the world – cleft lip and palates.

Transforming the lives of children often left to die – One woman’s fight to overcome the odds

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Friday, June 8 @12 noon
The Commonwealth Club of California

This afternoon’s presentation will inform you about a world you will never know.  Children born with cleft in underdeveloped countries are subject to a life of ridicule at best. Anita’s twenty year crusade to help these children has made a difference by transforming the lives of 7,000 children.

Learn about a subject we never talk about. Learn why children in the US are never seen with a cleft lip. Learn about what it takes to fix a cleft lip and how Anita has led over 600 volunteers to medical missions which have done just that.

A fascinating story filled with little known facts about children who are sometimes killed without the help of Alliance for Smiles. Learn what life is like for them.

Learn what it is like to make a difference while creating international understanding and friendships which build a platform for world peace. And leave smiling because you will learn how many children will never know they were born with this defect – thanks to Anita’s creating AfS.

The Commonwealth Club Middle East Forum, in its 9th year, meets monthly to discuss cultural subjects relating to the Middle East, North Africa and Afghanistan, in a civil atmosphere with respect for others and their opinions.

It is an honor for our organization to participate in this forum, and a great opportunity for us to share the perspective of  our leader, Anita Stangl.

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