First day of discharges – Day 4

First day of discharges – Day 4


The first patients went home today.

Four months old Eliseo, made a five hour long journey from Malacatan with his mom. Both his maternal grandmother and his uncle have a cleft lip, so when his father heard on the radio about free surgeries AfS was offering, they did not hesitate. Today, happy mom took home her baby, who will never know all the hardships he could have otherwise endured throughout his life.

Yordi is a happy seven year old boy who, according to his parents, excels in math and reading at school. He had a fistula closure and lip revision done yesterday. His mom has four brothers, all four of them with various forms of cleft lips and palates. After Yordi came back from the surgery, his mom made a FaceTime call to his uncles. All of them cried looking at their nephew’s new face.

Everyone was happy and hopeful for a much better future!