Viva Fifty Interviews Alison Healy

Viva Fifty Interviews Alison Healy

Viva Fifty posted an interview with Alison Healy today and was asked questions about Alliance for Smiles and their mission to provide free cleft lip and palate surgeries all over the world.

“All over the world children born with cleft lip and palate anomalies suffer physically and emotionally. They may become malnourished and are prone to ear infections and hearing loss. Often times, they experience upper-respiratory problems or speech and dental difficulties; most need multiple operations. They commonly endure isolation and ridicule. Sometimes they are abused, abandoned or killed. Access to surgical care is usually scarce or unaffordable.”

In one answer Alison responds, “In less developed countries, it is common to hear that the devil or a bad deed in a past life has caused a child to be born with a cleft.  This kind of thinking can be changed with education and indeed, many countries now have a better understanding of the myriad of reasons a child may be born with a cleft.”

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