Ley’s Journey

Ley’s Journey

“The minute Ley walked into the Alliance for Smiles clinic, with her easy smile and warm nature, she found her way into the hearts of the whole team.”

“Ley’s parents loved their daughter dearly, but they knew they couldn’t help her because the operation would be too expensive. And so Ley’s parents brought her to the AfS clinic…”

Ley was born with a cleft lip and palate. When we first met her in 2008 AfS was able to operate on her lip. She would later return to get her palate repaired in 2009.

We returned to Wenzhou in 2009 and were overjoyed to see how beautifully her lip had healed. Ley had always dreamt of going to college and this was her first step to make that dream come true.

Ley was soon to become part of a summer camp program that helps other children with cleft.

On that note:

Dear amazing donors and supporters. Thank you for answering Ley’s dream to attend the only cleft summer camp in the world!

Ley is now part of Wenzhou People’s Alliance for Smiles Camp. This is a summer camp for children age 9-15 with clefts – a one of it’s kind in the world!

Ley says: “Here I learned that so many people in the world care about me. I also gained so much self esteem. Before, I did not have anything to laugh about. Now I love to speak to everyone.”

“I am now in college. I promise not to be as naughty as I once was and to be a good student in college. Thank you for letting me rise from the ashes.”