Team Sagaing 2018 Makes a Difference …

Team Sagaing 2018 Makes a Difference …

March 29, 2018

…at Sitagu Arryudana Hospital and Around Sagaing!

The team visits the School for English in Sagaing and donates money and supplies. This is the second mission in a row that the team has supported the school and, in its effort, to educate the children in the English language.

Team members Mary Jensen and Carl Vahl returned to conduct a dental hygiene education class and hand out tooth brushes, toothpaste, and other items collected by the team. Mary also gave each of the 32 students a fluoride treatment.

Team members Indra Tun and Lyn Thorpe travel to Mandalay to visit an orphanage which we supported with a monetary donation and handing out toys and stuffed animals that were brought on the mission by the team.

The orphanage is run by a Monk and houses 250 children abandoned by their parents. The Monk explained “the children are no longer being adopted because he can’t track how they are treated once they leave the facility.”

The conditions at the orphanage are excellent and the children are well taken care of.

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