Meet Aye Aye Myat

Meet Aye Aye Myat

Meet 19-year-old Aye Aye Myat. She was born with a unilateral cleft lip. She only went to school through the 4th grade. She was tormented, ridiculed, and ashamed of her cleft lip.

When Aye Aye was born, her mother thought she was cursed and that what they did in their past life was the reason she was born with this anomaly. They felt destiny would prevent her from going to school and marrying.

She started school but never completed the fourth grade. Her parents were very sad but loved her unconditionally. She taught herself to sew and is now a seamstress living in Myaing Township, Sagaing. Her Mom farms on the family land growing groundnuts, sesame and vegetables. Her Dad, along with her younger brother are construction workers repairing pagodas in the area.

Now she has come to Sitagu Hospital in Sagaing for repair of her cleft lip and they could not be happier with the outcome.

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