Our Team Arrives In Guatemala

Here we are again – AfS’s third mission to Retalhuleu, Guatemala.

It was wonderful to walk through the doors of the Hilario Galindo hospital and be met by amazing local team eager to help, problem-solve, and improvise to make sure we can do what we came for: give the local children affected with cleft a chance for a happy and healthy life.

There were reminders of our previous visits everywhere, from the 2022 team photo in the hallway of the hospital, to the patients we have treated on previous visits. One little girl, Mayra, had her cleft lip repaired in 2019 by Dr. Karl. She was just a four-month-old baby then. Today she came for a follow up procedure as a four year old with a beautiful smile. Her mom was carrying with her a photo taken of Mayra with the 2019 mission member.

During the opening clinic, mission members registered and examined 43 patients. They were seen by the surgeons, anesthesiologists, pediatrician, and dental hygienist. Those scheduled for the first surgeries tomorrow are spending the night at the hospital, in the house of miracles.