Surgery Day 1 – Chuzhou, China

Surgery Day 1 – Chuzhou, China

The first station a patient visits before their surgery is our Pediatrician, Dr.
Paula Rand in the Ward who exams the child to determine if the patient is still healthy to receive their surgery.

Often the children arrive to the hospital very scared and in the second station, Ward Coordinator, Angela Xiao puts the kids at ease prior to surgery by taking the time to play with them to keep their minds off the impending surgery.

In the third station, the surgeons, Dr. Roy Hobbs and Dr. Ahmed Gad speak to the patient’s family for a second time to discuss their understanding of the procedure that their child will be having.

Additionally, our anesthesiologists, Alan Patterson and Lynn Chan do another examination of the child.

After surgery, the patient is transferred to recovery room under the care of our PACU nurses, Lily Schroeder or Kelly Igel.

Lastly, the patient is brought back to the ward for observation before being released to go home the following day.

If the patient needs dental care, they are examined by Dr. Roger Fung in the dental station. Patrice Hugo, our dental hygienist, and Vicki Molitor, our dental assistant assist in the examination.

In the photo above, Angela Xiao keeping her patient occupied while waiting for her surgery.