As you look west over the Nile River, there’s a strip of green south to north, as far as they can see, A few feet beyond that you see the light brown desert. Driving west across the Nile once you get to the desert, it goes on further than you want.

We drive with a concentrated team: photographer, videographer, and representatives from Rotary and AfS. Drive west forever and then turn north, and drive half-way is where you’ll arrive at a village called Edfu. GPS units warn that you are at the edge of reality. The driver asks a local for directions and the local gets into the van and leads us down a few alleys with a couple of three-point turns as we stop in front of a gated school yard. We are greeted by eager men and stop for a moment to watch several boys play soccer in a brown talc covered playground. Upon seeing and recognizing us as foreigners, the enthusiasm began. Pristine little boys and girls in sharp outfits slowly came together forming a mob as they screamed and waved their hands opening unbridled friendship from handshaking, high-fiving and yelling. Children sang in the schoolhouse and teachers welcomed us with their eyes. As we escaped the pit, we made our way down narrow alleyways shedding screamers to go a few blocks to the place that brought us here. Imagine the excitement of being with parents Sabri and Sabra, of our seven-thousandth miracle; Zien Ali. The mom and dad came from truly humbling surroundings, so much that they welcomed us to their grandparents’ home. The family was filmed in anticipation of continuing the story about this remarkable event. Imagine working with a group that has don’t 7,000 miracles of changing patients and their families’ lives! This makes life worth getting up to, except for the ride back…. Well, it didn’t take that long.

Meeting our 7000th patient, Zien, with parents Sabri & Sabra, and his older sister