Aswan Egypt – Our 7,000th Child!

Aswan Egypt – Our 7,000th Child!

Zien, age 3 months, the youngest son of Sabri and Sabra, was born in the small Egyptian city of Edfu.  Mom is an English teacher at the city school and Dad works at the local paper factory.  Even though Zien was born with a very severe cleft lip and palate, at his birth his parents immediately gave thanks that the problem was not a serious heart problem or something else that required intensive care.

But they knew that they would never be able to afford the surgery to repair Zien’s cleft.  Then Sabra learned about Alliance for Smiles by doing an internet search at her school and she saw that the team was coming to Aswan to provide free surgeries!  So, a month after Zien was born, plans were made to visit the AfS team in Aswan, Egypt.  Little did they know that their son would be the 7000th child treated by Alliance for Smiles!

The family traveled two hours by bus both for screening day and again a few days later for the surgery.  Mom and Dad have basic wishes for their son. They want him to be able to eat, drink and speak properly.  And, to never be bullied for his cleft lip/palate.  The family feels that the care they have received is excellent, and they have very good feelings for their son’s future.  They are so excited to return to their family, friends and neighbors, and they know everyone will be happy to see Zien!  Sabri and Sabra wish to thank everyone involved for providing care to their son Zien.

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Our 7,000th Child, One Year Later