Morocco – Medical Students and Teaching

Morocco – Medical Students and Teaching

Medical students and doctors gather round our docs – straining to hear every word so they can soak it up. There is a great spirit of cooperation and respect as we learn to plot the path to a great mission and to learn from our partners.

Yesterday we hosted a conference for nurses where five of our nurses presented. Topics that spurred the most interest were pain management and a new product for feeding cleft newborns. They day ended with AfS nurse and presenter, Laurie Lusk teaching everyone the Hokie Pokie! This was a wonderful moment that brought the two cultures closer as everyone shared in the laughter and fun! The world needs more of this.

This Mission is a collaboration between Alliance for Smiles and the doctors and residents from Marrakech ibn Tofail Hospital and Dr Mansouris’ SOS Face program which is designed to repair clefts of local children.