Morocco – Complex Cleft Cases

Morocco – Complex Cleft Cases

Doctors ordered an MRI to learn more about a young boy’s intracranial and exterior lesions which they believe are benign lipomas. They also discovered he is missing his corpus collosum (a broad band of nerve fibers joining the two hemispheres of the brain). He will have surgery on Friday when his cleft lip and outside lesions will be corrected as the first of many procedures for this sweet boy.

We saw about 42 patients today during the second intake clinic for this trip. Most all of them are difficult cases, which will be used as teaching examples when our surgeons train the local surgeons here in Morocco to do more complex cleft lip and palate surgeries. Of course, we will be learning from our hosts as well.

This Mission is a collaboration between Alliance for Smiles and the doctors and residents from Marrakech ibn Tofail Hospital and Dr Mansouris’ SOS Face program which is designed to repair clefts of local children.