Kariktan Dance Company

Kariktan Dance Company

We are honored to welcome the Kariktan Dance Company to perform at our 13th gala!

This wonderful dance company promotes the Filipino Culture through traditional dance and music as its mission is to help young Filipino-Americans learn more about the cultural traditions of their homeland and instill pride in their heritage. This focus helps to create intercultural understanding – something the world needs more of right now.

We have a special connection with the Philippines as we have completed successful missions there in the past. Currently, our overseas partners are reviewing plans for a permanent treatment center in a new Manilla hospital. Alliance for Smiles can’t wait to return to this beautiful country and to learn more about all of its wonderful traditions.

Get your tickets to the 13th Annual Night of Smiles and come watch the Kariktan Dance Company live. It is going to be a beautiful night of international celebrations and humanitarian empowerment!