First Teaching Mission of 2018!

First Teaching Mission of 2018!

We are excited about our first visit to Marrakech, Morocco on a teaching mission happening NOW!

We have 15 people on this mission including our Executive Director, Alison Healy, a fellowship intern, 4 nurses, and 4 surgeons. Our surgeons will be assisting and teaching complex surgical procedures, and our nurses will be teaching advance nursing skills. Our goal within these 2 weeks is to develop international relationships with the hospital and doctors so that they are able to repair broken smiles long after we are gone… Because every child deserves a smile.

This Mission is a collaboration between Alliance for Smiles and the doctors and residents from Marrakech ibn Tofail Hospital and Dr Mansouris’ SOS Face program which is designed to repair clefts of local children.

Continue to follow us for day to day updates about what’s happening on our current mission in Marrakech, Morocco.