First impressions – Marrakech, Morocco

First impressions – Marrakech, Morocco

It’s free to all 480 students who compete to be amongst the lucky 5% who are accepted. This school in Marrakech, Morocco also has a policy of offering 25% of it’s scholarships to sub-saharan African countries’ qualified students. We were lucky enough to meet students from The Congo and Mali.

A public hospital with limited resources, palm trees on sheets, and macillo-facial medical students in red fleeces who were ready to learn and share ideas.

Voila! The flavors of Morocco were unmasked during our first team dinner. Magnifique! Moroccan tagine with pickled lemon, braised chicken, olives and another tagine with braised beef, blanched almonds and prunes.

This Mission is a collaboration between Alliance for Smiles and the doctors and residents from Marrakech ibn Tofail Hospital and Dr Mansouris’ SOS Face program which is designed to repair clefts of local children.