Day 4: A factory of smiles!

Day 4: A factory of smiles!

The AfS team is working at full speed. While providing cleft palate and cleft lip surgeries are the main goals of the mission, it is just inevitable that an emotional bond is being built between the AfS team, the children and families that are showing up at the Datkhina Dipar Hospital.

Today we would like to highlight a new patient, four years old Mg Thant Zin Aung came with his family from the village of Thanintharyi, 120 miles away from Myeik. Like Thant Zin’s family, many patients on this AfS mission are making long trips to take advantage of this opportunity that will change their lives forever.

He is our patient number 73, the last one to be registered. His Cleft Lip and Soft Palate surgery is scheduled for tomorrow and will be performed by the talented surgeon Christopher Zarella.

We look forward to seeing Thant Zin keep stealing everybody’s heart with his great personality, his little trumpet and of course a brand-new