Day 3: Ma Tanzin

Day 3: Ma Tanzin

Today six patients were sent home healthy and ready for their new life with their family and friends.

We were so happy to see a returning patient. 10 years old, Ma Tanzin Tay came with her parents U Khin Zaw Oo and Daw Pyone Cho to
have a second surgery to get her palate repaired and a lip revision. They share with us their gratitude for AfS’ work. According to Daw
Pyone Cho (mother) it was impossible for them to afford the medical treatment needed for their daughter: AfS did change their life.

“We came from the village of Tagu, 52 miles away from here, 2 hours by car. My husband saw the poster outside, which is why we came here to register. If we had to do the surgery at another hospital, we would have to pay for it. Here at this hospital we got a free treatment, the AfS team made this surgery with a kind heart. That’s why we didn’t have to pay, and I want to say thank you to all of you.”