Zhaotong, China 2018 is Off to an Incredible Start

Zhaotong, China 2018 is Off to an Incredible Start

Today is surgery Day 1 in Zhaotong China, with five children in the operating room. We saw 92 patients yesterday in the opening clinic from throughout Yunnan province, some travelling 8 hours or more to participate in this mission.

We are really benefiting from the outstanding and state-of-the-art Zhaotong Renan Hospital and it’s amazing team of doctors and nurses who have not only shared their skills and talents with us, but have made us feel so welcome and cared for.

Our fabulous team of volunteers is really starting to gel and we are ready for the coming days. From America to Australia, from Canada to China, we have assembled a wealth of skill, experience, kindness and compassion, all gathered together in the service of these children.

There are many stories to tell already so please stay tuned in the coming days for more!

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