The Patient’s Journey With Us – Manila, Philippines

The Patient’s Journey With Us – Manila, Philippines

After the family’s decision to bring their child to and AfS mission, both sides are ready for a common journey. There must be a connection and trust between the patient and the AfS team. The first day and the first stop is an opening clinic consisting of 5 stops:
1. Registration
2. Photos
3. PACU Nurse
4. Surgeon & OR Nurse
5. Pediatrician & Anesthesiologist

Which patients are eligible for the surgery, the next way is into the hospital ward. On the day of surgery, the patient is moved to the operating room where our professional team performs the surgery. After the surgery, the patient is taken into the recovery room where our PACU nurse and pediatrician. They wait until the patient wakes up and the first time after the surgery can meet with the family. When the patient feels comfortable and is stabilized, they are moved with the family into the ward, where is every morning seen by a doctor and the pediatrician until they decide that they can be released home. From the attending physician, the patient receives instructions and terminations on the medical examination and removing stitches.

It is our professional team to transform the lives of our patients on this journey. And thank’s our sponsors for making this possible!