Team Arrives in Chuzhou, China

Team Arrives in Chuzhou, China
AfS Team meets Hospital Staffand Nanjing University students for the first time

The Alliance for Smiles team from the United States, Australia, Egypt and Nanjing arrive in Chuzhou today for the March 2019 Chuzhou Mission. Our team consists of 5 doctors, 5 nurses, a mission director, photographer, recordkeeper, ward coordinator, a doctor of dentistry, a dental hygienist, and a dental assistant.

Shortly after our arrival, we went to the Children’s Hospital of the First People’s Hospital of Chuzhou to meet with the local hospital team and students from Chuzhou University volunteering as translators.

Unpacking and sorting medical supplies

In order to get ready for our patients on Day 1, we had to set up the operating rooms, recovery rooms, anesthesia equipment and unpack and sort our medical supplies.

We are benefiting from the outstanding state-of-the-art Children’s Hospital of the First People’s Hospital of Chuzhou and it’s amazing team of doctors and nurses and making us feel so welcomed and cared for.

The Chuzhou Team:

Mission Director: Mary Liu
Surgeon: Roy Hobbs
Surgeon: Ahmed Gad
Anesthesiologist: Lynn Chan
Anesthesiologist: Alan
Pediatrician: Paula Rand
Dentist: Roger Fung
Dental Assistant: Vicki Molitor
Dental Hygienist: Patrice Hugo
Lead Nurse: Kathy Cox
OR Nurse: Yipi Yang
OR Nurse: Christine Felix
PACU Nurse: Lily Schroeder
PACU Nurse: Kelly Igel
Photographer: Chris Davies
Record Keeper: Lina Rivera
Ward Coordinator: Angela Xiao