#TBT with Alison Healy

#TBT with Alison Healy

Alison isn’t new to her passion and commitment to international goodwill.

From 1999 to 2007, she was CEO of Sail San Francisco, a non profit dedicated to creating international friendship through the hosting of foreign tall ships through the state department. Through this experience, Alison traveled extensively and conducted business with foreign armed forces, heads of state and other public officials.

She was able to witness first hand how cultural exchange opened people’s minds to other ways of living. She is ecstatic to be focusing on this very same purpose with Alliance for Smiles.

Alison has tried her hand at many careers including the culinary field.

At a young age she was introduced by her grandmother to flipping crepes and eating them.

Over time her grandmother’s cooking school brought many recipes to the Healy table and she, along with her brother Patrick, developed an affinity for food. While her brother went off to cook at Michelin restaurants in France, Alison became a pastry chef and then a catering chef before founding her own catering company.

Her journey would not have been so colorful if it hadn’t been for her grandmother’s creative cooking and her close friendship to Julia Child who supported both Alison and Pat in their careers.