SUPPORT – Manila, Philippines

SUPPORT – Manila, Philippines

Bonifacio, 35 is a construction worker. Long-time before our team came to Manila he spoke with his employer, construction engineer Teodoro Carlos Tanega that he would like to have surgery of his cleft lip. After our press conference in Manila, Teodoro saw our advertising in the Manila Times that we are coming to Manila doing free surgery of cleft lip and cleft palate. He immediately contacted the Rizal Medical Center for more details. Teodoro stayed with Bonifacio from the first-day opening clinic registration until his discharge from the hospital. After the surgery Teodoro said humorously, “and now you can find a woman and get married”.

Michelle, age 27 is our other patient who has been helped by an employer. Michelle’s Thank you to Alliance for Smiles team to all supporters and especially to our lead surgeon Dr. Ahmed Gad (morning’s visit at the ward), Rizal Medical Center.

Yesterday we welcomed Terry Chu from China, represents Mr. Frank Yih. Terry is one of the founders of HuaQiao Foundation, one of the sponsors of our Manila mission. Today he spent all day with us. In the Rizal Medical Center, he visited the OR, in the recovery room met our patient and the PACU nurse Matthew Richmond who explained to him the patient’s way after the surgery. Afternoon Terry with our two members, the mission photographer Nadezda Tavodova Tezgor and the quartermaster Harry Hairui Wong visited one of our patients, a little girl Jellianne. Jellianne and her mother enjoyed the gifts they received. The family said thank you to all our team and the supporters.
Thank you HuaQiao Foundation for your support!