Smile Because You Can Campaign

Smile Because You Can Campaign

Alyssa is on a Mission for Smiles!

Alyssa Sanden is the granddaughter of one of our volunteer nurses, Linda Rae. Alyssa has been inspired by Linda and all of her time and service she has given to AfS and wanted to find her own way to help. For every smiling selfie that Alyssa receives, Calgary’s Concept Dentistry has agreed to donate 50 cents to Alliance for Smiles.

Alyssa’s goal is to receive 10,000 selfies to raise $5,000, which is the equivalent of 5 surgeries. Let’s help Alyssa reach her goal! You can post your smiling selfie to Twitter with the hashtag #sbyc or you can email your selfie to smilebecauseyoucan0@gmail.com.