Myitkyina – Happy Valentine’s Day

Myitkyina – Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day from Myitkyina General! Our 3rd surgical day was another success. We have settled into a routine and working together like we have been colleagues for years.

One of our favorite stories today came in the form of 7-­year-­old Jaysar Htwe. Jaysar wants to be an English teacher. Her father and mother traveled from Putao located in the far north of Kachin state near the China border.

They walked nine hours to Putao and then continued on a flight to Myitkyina. They had to carry Jaysar most of the way during their trek. Her father, who is a pastor, saved up all the money he could and along with help from his church parishioners was able to buy a plane ticket from Putao to Myitkyina.

This will give you some indication as to what measures these parents will go to get their child this life changing procedure. Her bilateral cleft lip was repaired by Dr. Devi Tantri and her family could not have been happier and more appreciative. Along with Jaysar the team completed 5 lips, 3 palates and 1 pharyng.