Meet with Yati Hlun – Day 6

Meet with Yati Hlun – Day 6


Today our amazing team completed 9 surgeries. 7 lips, and 2 additional oral procedures.

Today we are featuring 5-month-old Yati Hlun Htun. A walk-in success story. Yati Hlun is from Pyar Pone, Sanchaung Township, Myanmar. Pyar Pone is in the north-central part of Yangon. Yati Hlun traveled with her mother Saung Yadi via car for the short one hour trip to Victoria hospital. Yati Hlun & Saung Yadi were greeted and screened by the Alliance for Smiles team on Thursday and discharged from Victoria Hospital on Saturday with a repaired palate and new smile. Alliance for Smiles. Sharing Smiles, Transforming lives.