It’s Discharge Day

It’s Discharge Day
Ling with Li Xiaolin of CPWF

The team has really hit its stride today with a full roster of patients. We had three operating rooms in full swing with 11 children receiving their surgeries!

It’s exciting as well because today was the first discharge day. That’s Meng Meng Ren above before and after his surgery. Five patients, mostly from the first day of surgery, are headed home with supplies, home-care techniques, and a new outlook on life.

The parents of these children have expressed heartfelt gratitude towards the team for fulfilling their hopes and dreams for their children.

The team has been working nonstop since hitting the ground in Zhaotong 6 days ago and will take a much-needed rest day tomorrow to see the sights of Zhaotong and beautiful Yunnan Province.

Myrna, OR Nurse

It was also a day to celebrate because it is OR nurse Myrna’s birthday.

She is a consummate professional and real mission veteran. Over the course of her career,

Myrna has served on over 50 missions, over 20 of those have been with AfS!!

This is the fifth time she has celebrated her birthday on a mission!

Happy birthday Myrna!



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Zhang Fu Rong, before and after surgery

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