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New Video Showcasing Virtual Education Initiative

We hope you enjoy this video that highlights our work during the pandemic, and how it will enhance our mission once we get back into the field.

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All over the world children born with cleft lip and palate anomalies suffer physically and emotionally. They may become malnourished and are prone to ear infections and hearing loss. Often times, they experience upper-respiratory problems or speech and dental difficulties; many need multiple operations and long-term treatment. They commonly endure isolation and ridicule. Sometimes they are abused, abandoned or even killed. For many families access to surgical care is scarce or unaffordable.  Alliance for Smiles offers these children and families hope for a bright future.


Our  Mission

To forever improve the lives of children and communities impacted by cleft by providing free comprehensive treatment, while building local capacity for long-term care.

Our Impact 2004-2020

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You Can Help! 

Alliance for Smiles is a volunteer driven organization that relies on financial contributions to continue the work that we have started. Your compassion is what creates a new chance at life for the child, the family, and the community at large. There are so many ways to contribute!

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Missions & Events

Thank you for your interest in our upcoming medical missions.

Due to the continuing Coronavirus Pandemic we have suspended all international trips for now.  But to further our mission of building local capacity for long-term cleft care, we are currently working with our international partners to develop a Virtual Education Initiative.  Click Here to Read More.

We hope to resume in-person medical missions in 2021, and are preparing for trips to the following locations: Bangladesh, Congo, Egypt, Guatemala, Honduras, and Myanmar.  We will update this page as we know more.

For current information about travel during the global COVID-19 pandemic please visit the CDC website.

Please stay safe and healthy!

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