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Your pets, bringing smiles to the world!

Pets bring smiles to our faces, even in the most difficult times. In the face of this global pandemic, they can do even more, by making sure that children with cleft around the world have the chance to smile too.

Throughout the month of September (or what we’re playfully deeming “Pets-tember”), pets and their human companions can join us in this “Pet Project” by donating $100 (fully tax deductible) to support the life-changing work of Alliance for Smiles.

This allows AfS to provide remote education, training, and consultations for our medical partners in the field while we are unable to travel due to COVID-19. It also helps ensure that we are ready to provide much-needed surgeries and address the growing backlog of patients as soon as we are able to resume travel.

Photos will be featured on this page and anyone can vote for the pet(s) that make them smile most throughout the month of “Pets-tember” (aka September). Everyone has three votes to cast each day (only one vote per photo each day) in “Pets-tember”, so keep coming back each day to see new photos and vote again. At the end of the month, the pet(s) with the most votes will be named the official “Pets for Smiles” mascot for one year.

Thank you - pets and human supporters alike - for helping us smile through these tough times with your fabulous photos and for ensuring that children with cleft have the chance to smile too!

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