Get a Custom Pet Portrait from The Smile Man!

Have a gorgeous custom portrait of your pet made and help create healthier, safer worlds for children with cleft lip and palate conditions!

Friend and fellow Rotarian, George Lewis (also known as “The Smile Man”) from the Venice Nokomis Rotary Club in Florida is a wonderful and talented artist offering a special package right now that will allow you to get a custom pet portrait while also supporting an upcoming Alliance for Smiles mission to repair cleft lips and palates.

Here’s how it works:

  • 1. Email a picture of your pet to George at: stating that you want the Rotary Pet Portrait Package ($150)
  • 2. George will consult with you directly about your portrait to create a custom 11” x. 14” oil painting of your pet on canvas, and ship it to you directly.
  • 3. You pay George $150 and in turn he will gift $100 of your payment to Alliance for Smiles’ Rotary Global Grant program, as well as match it with a personal gift of another $100. If you are a Rotarian, you get a $200 Paul Harris Fellow credit as part of this deal!

Note: You do not have to be a Rotarian to purchase a pet portrait or support this project. As stated above, George will still match $100 of your purchase to donate a total of $200 to Alliance for Smiles’ next Rotary International Global Grant!

Let George create a custom painting you will cherish forever, while also helping children receive life-changing surgery! Alliance for Smiles’ Board Member, Tina Fischlin, did just that with her beautiful dog Sophia. Tina says she hopes “you will join [her] in working in partnership with George to gain a family treasure and give a forever-smile to someone who needs it most.”