Gazipur Bangladesh – Daily Briefing 2

We entered our second day of surgeries having worked out all the kinks that come with operating in a new place with new people. Luckily we have a
team full of professionals, a generous SMAMCH hospital staff and our Gulshan Lake City Rotarian friends to make that easy.

The team operated on eight patients, the same number we did on Monday, but with some more complicated cases.

Eleven-month-old Anas has a new lip that you won’t ever be able to tell had a cleft. Three-year-old Shamim had his palate repaired which will help him
be able to develop his speech. And our local Bengali surgeon, Dr. Das, who trained under previous AfS teams, was able to help untie 8 year old Zahra’s
tongue with a flawless frenulectomy.

Thank you for supporting this mission. Lives are being changed, one surgery at a time!