First Dinner in China – Hairy Crab

First Dinner in China – Hairy Crab
After dinner with AfS and Wenzhou leaders including Anita Stangl, Colin Wong and Alison Healy.

Private dining room on 3rd floor of our hotel with Hairy Crab and Hairy Cow both on the menu.

Howard Ho, the gentleman on the bottom row, fourth from the left, has been our sponsor and host  for 10 years. He founded the Wenzhou People’s Alliance for Smiles to honor our partnership.

One hundred children with hopeful parents have been arriving from all over the country today. Tomorrow is the screening clinic to determine who meets the criteria for surgery.

We have one adult who had her lip fixed 20 years ago. Now she will have her palate corrected and will endure speech therapy and spend the rest of her life of struggling to speak. Unfortunately, because her operation is coming so late in life, her speech may not improve as much after the operation.