Day Nine – A visit from Ashin Say Kane-da

Day Nine – A visit from Ashin Say Kane-da

Tuesday, October 10

Today the famous monk, Ashin Say Kane-da visited the hospital in support of our team and the patients. He delivered gifts to the patients and had a message for everyone about kindness and humanity.

He talked about how you need to give love and kindness equally to everyone; any race, any religion and any creature. There is limited kindness and unlimited kindness which comes from you. A Mother loves her children but has a different love for others. That is limited love.

He continued with stating that there are many crisis in this world that will come and go naturally. Maybe like worries, jealousy, rivalry, such emotion that can cause us to grow tired. We must create better minds which creates better emotions. That kindness is good not only for us but also for others.

There were 11 surgeries on Monday, with 5 cleft palates, and this morning, 6 children were discharged.

Today there were 9 surgeries today, with 4 cleft palates.

One surgery included a complicated case. 9 year old Thoon Nay Chi has a cleft palate, and a bifid toungue. Her tongue separates into pieces.

Her surgery entailed removing the tissue in between the pieces of her tongue and attaching the two sides together to form a normal tongue.

Hopefully next mission she can have her cleft palate fixed as well.