Day 8: Big dreams!

Day 8: Big dreams!

Today more patients are in the Pediatric Ward recovering and getting ready to show those brand-new smiles back in their communities.

The families are very grateful to the AfS team. The above picture is Lin Bhone Myat Paing and his mom with Dr. Chris Zarella. Lin will be heading home soon, full of hope that his life has been changed forever.

The picture below is of Zin Nwe Soe the day after her surgery. Zin is full of energy and personality and now has more confidence than ever before. Her aspiration to become an actress will surely become reality with her new smile. We were happy to be a part of her dream. We look forward to seeing her captivate the audiences the same way she captivated us during the time we shared with her.

Just look at the photo below, Zin’s joy is contagious!

Often times children born with cleft lip and palate are bullied and ridiculed because of the way they look. They have low self-esteem and many other issues are associated with their condition. Having a free surgery is a life changing experience that will allow them to look forward to a brighter future