Day 6: The Monestary

Day 6: The Monestary

This Mission is possible because so many people are supporting the medical team. Today, we visited the Taw Ya Aut Monastery in Myeik, where some patients and their families are staying before and after the surgery. The Monastery is just a short drive from the Hospital, a very convenient location for these families that could not afford a hotel while Alliance for Smiles is in the city.

Like the Monks from the Taw Ya Aut, there are so many people supporting Alliance for Smiles in order to give to the patients and their families the best experience possible during the Mission. Many talented young volunteers are helping with translation from Burmese to English. Having all this support allows the AfS team to focus on their expertise; giving brand new smiles to their patients.

Today at the Monastery we made a special friend, Shan Lin Naing, he and his grandma San Aye travelled 174 miles, 11 hours by boat and car from the village of Kaw Ye Kying to have his Lip and Palate repair surgery. After a few minutes Shan Lin became fascinated with the camera and was following us and looking at the lens all the time. Shan Lin will have his surgery on Monday, we are sure that another brand-new smile will be on the road very soon.