Darrell’s Blanket Babies – Sagaing, Myanmar

Darrell’s Blanket Babies – Sagaing, Myanmar

Linda Phillips, aunt of our OR nurse, Darrell, died in December 2018. Linda’s sister and daughter-in-law each made quilts to be given to patients during our Sagaing, Myanmar mission, which is dedicated to her memory.

Darrell chose Thaw Tar, a six-month-old girl, and Thu Ta Lin, a seven-month-old boy to receive the blankets. When he chose these two children, he did not realize the coincidence that each was born on a Friday, which is significant in the Burmese culture. Parents often name children to sound like the day of the week when they are born.

During our time in the ward, we have grown to know and love 14-year-old Htoo, who lives in a forest beyond a village, a day’s journey away. She cannot attend school because there are no schools in the area for a student with the special needs she has. Htoo works tending cattle in the fields and earns the equivalent of $2 a day, which she gives to her parents. Darrell decided to also give her a blanket, which she wrapped around her shoulders as soon as he presented it to her.

Linda, who was a loving AfS volunteer, would be delighted about these expressions of love in her memory.