Can Tho Vietnam – Second Briefing

Can Tho Vietnam – Second Briefing

The mission at the Can Tho University of Medicine and Pharmacy, has not only been about changing the patients’ lives but also an opportunity for the team to share knowledge. Surgeon Eric Helling took the time

to teach Doctor Vinh, a first-year dental resident doing her internship at the hospital. Doctor Eric praised her for her skills and gave her the trust to do parts of the procedure independently.

The staff at the hospital are interested and willing to learn. Many have come to the ward, recovery room and the OR to see how the team, consisting of well-seasoned professionals, conducts their work.

Becoming attached to patients and their family members on a mission is a fact. Mission Director Tina Fischlin is proof of that, as show by the photo below.

During the past few days, the scheduled surgeries have been lengthy. Some are more complex than others, but the team is enthusiastic and energetic.