Medical Supply Donations

We accept the following medical supplies. All supplies must be un-expired and in their original packaging.

Please email if you have any of these items.

Ambu Bags (adult, infant & pediatric)
Bovie Pencils
Bovie Needle Tips w/ Insulated Needle
Bovie Grounding Pads
EKG Pads
Hats (surgical & bouffant)
IV Catheters (20, 22 & 24 gauge)
IV Tubing (15 drop & 60 drop, with at least 60″ tubing and 2 injection ports)
Knife Blades (sizes 11, 12 & 15)
Oral RAE Tubes (sizes 3.5 to 7)
Steri-strips (1/2″ & 1/4″)
Suction Catheters – 8fr, 10fr, 12fr, 14fr
Surgical Gloves (sterile)
Sutures ( contact us for specifics)
Syringes w/ Luer Lock Tips
Tape, Medical
Tegaderm Dressing
Tongue Blades

Medications – contact us for specifics:

Thank you!