Myanmar Mission Begins!

Myanmar Mission Begins!
In front: Anne Wuerslin/Pediatrician, Crystal Pennino/Nurse

On Friday, September 29, medical and non-medical volunteers came from all over the country and met at the San Francisco Airport to start the long journey to Yangon, Myanmar for another mission to fix children’s broken smiles.

The team arrived in Yangon early Sunday morning on October 1, and started loading medical supplies and equipment onto buses to go to Victoria Hospital where the operations will take place.

Families at the Monastery

The team then headed to the monastery to visit with 126 children and their families who are staying there waiting to be evaluated for their surgeries to fix cleft lips and cleft palates. So many of them with hope in their eyes as the medical team visited with each one.

After lunch, there was unpacking and setting up to do at the hospital to be ready for all the surgeries that will take place over the next 2 weeks.

Photos from Sunday, October 1