John O’Connor


I joined the AfS Board as a result of my friendship with, and admiration for Dr. Karl Wustrack, who has devoted himself for years to this great cause. After joining, I also have been inspired by the unstoppable energy Anita Stangl. I have been a litigating lawyer practicing in San Francisco for 45 years. Among other assignments, I was a federal prosecutor and civil trial lawyer with the U.S. Attorney’s Office, where I wrote briefs in the care of United States vs. Hearst. I live in Marin County with my wife Jan and two dogs, Shorty and Dude. We have three grown children. My min hobbie are playing basketball (with team mate Karl Wustrack) in age-group competition and writing about history and politics, primarily about Watergate scandal. In earlier years I had been involved with the Golden State Warriors, and remain a big fan. In fact, the full given name of my dog Shorty is Purvis Short II.