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One of the most magical things about single-origin, two-ingredient chocolate is the intensity of flavor in every square. To truly appreciate the varied aromas of small-batch chocolate, we recommend tasting bars side by side.

With this tasting set, we wanted to create an experience of sampling and comparing several origins, just as we share with guests who visit our factories. Tasting chocolate, like tasting wine, is a great way to develop your palate and hunt for the distinctive flavors of cocoa beans that have been fermented, dried, and roasted to highlight their differences. It’s delicious and a lot of fun!

This beautifully wrapped set includes three two-ounce chocolate bars from some of our favorite origins, plus our own in-house tasting guide to help you appreciate the specific flavor notes of each bar. If you’re like us, you’ll love the range of rich, buttery-baked-good flavors featured in this collection.

• Maya Mountain, Belize 70%, 2018 Harvest
• Tumaco, Colombia 70%, 2017 Harvest
• Costa Esmeraldas, Ecuador 70%, 2018 Harvest

Donated by: Dandelion Chocolate, Andrew Carter