Ruthie K Vintage Barkcloth Handbag (Floral) Value: $100

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Bark cloth gets its name from its machine-woven texture, which resembles the bark on a tree. It was manufactured in the 1930s, 40s, and 50s, for use in upholstery, windows coverings, bedspreads and tablecloths. In its heyday it came in hundreds of different patterns, from floral prints to landscapes, and from abstracts to fun prints for the kitchen that would match a family s FiestaWare dishes. The idea to craft handbags with barkcloth was a natural for Ruth Kiskadden, who has been crafting and collecting vintage barkcloth handbags since 2004 after falling in love with their texture, colors and wonderfully graphic patterns.

This handmade Ruthie K Vintage Barkcloth Handbag measures 10 1/4 inches deep, 14 inches wide at the top, and 8 inches wide at the bottom. It has 22 inch handles, a pocket inside, and a toggle button with loop closure.

Donated by: Ruth Kiskadden