Xianyang China 2009

Mission Dates: 

2009 Sep 7 to 2009 Sep 19

City, Country: 

Xianyang, China





Surgical Value: 

$778 065.00

Blog 2 from Xianyiang China 2009


By Arthur J. Pollock, Volunteer, Chico, CA

Research by Citania Tam, Volunteer, San Francisco, CA

Monday morning clinic. A young woman, an officer from the China Population Welfare Foundation, walks in with a very small 6 year old, Shang Li, and his "Yah Yah", a tiny four foot high man, who limps and is mostly blind, the little boy's adopted grandfather. The child was abandoned at birth, and Yah Yah has been exclusively caring for him ever since.


Blog from Xianyang China 2009

Written by Arthur Pollock,
Photos by Dave Fowler

The usual AFS trip consists of a group of 30 to 40 volunteers, some who know each other, many who don't, getting together and flying to far off places of the world. We are housed either in a hotel or other residential facility, usually in close proximity to the hospital at which multiple surgeries for cleft palate and lip will be performed, mostly on little children afflicted with this ugly deformity. The period of time spent on any mission is usually two weeks.

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