Taijiang China 2016

Mission Dates: 

2016 May 21 to 2016 Jun 4

City, Country: 

Taijiang, China





Surgical Value: 

$325 084.00

Tiajiang May 31, 2016

Tiajiang May 31, 2016

We are now into the second week of the mission, time moves quickly, the need is great. One of the challenges are the coughs and runny noses that keep some of the children out of the OR. Surgery just isn’t safe if the child is congested, and it is so hard to tell a parent no, especially when you know they have traveled long distances and have no funds for or travel.

1000th Child in Guizhou Province

There was cause for celebration today at the People's Hospital in Taijiang County - Alliance for Smiles named its 1000th child to receive a life-changing surgery in Guizhous Province, China through the Happy Smiles project. The back-story of this sweet, fiesty, personality plus young lad turned out to be heart warming.

As AFS interpreter John Wong and I talked to the family and learned of the family's long wait, their love and respect for each other, and their unflapable determination to make the journey, Ren Qin Wang's selection made us sit back and smile.

Taijiang May 28, 2016

TAIJIANG COUNTY, CHINA – May 28, 2016 By Deb McCaslin Good morning from central China … the mission to Taijiang County China has hit the ground at a run. There are so, so many children in need of the healing hands of our medical teams.

Tuesday 137 children were screened, and as of Friday, 23 received life-changing surgeries. I am so honored to be among the volunteers with the singular goal of making a difference.

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