Mission Highlights

  • San Ko Min

    YANGON, MYANMAR 2016 - What does a surgical lip repair process look like from beginning to end? Meet San Ko Min. He is a 17 year old young man requiring a bilateral lip repair. Here is San's story in photos.

  • A Touching Story from Changzhi

    CHANGZHI, CHINA 2016 -  Here is a touching story about a baby that visited us in Changzhi. The father was willing to share some background information about the family. The mother and father of the baby have been experiencing hardship due to the tough economic times. Further, they learned that their precious first daughter had a bilateral cleft lip. Fixing this would require a surgery that the family would not be able to afford...

  • Daily Briefing - May 23, 2015

    XINGYI, CHINA 2015 - Our goal is to provide medical care for as many children as possible. To facilitate this, we require that patients arrive by 3:00pm the day before their surgery. This ensures that the local nurses can monitor them overnight for food intake, fever, cough and other ailments.

    That said, sometimes life gets in the way

  • Pei's Long Journey



    BIJIE, CHINA - Every child, every patient we treat is important. And at moments a special story is revealed, and sometimes it is this story that inspires us to continue our work, and change lives. Such is the story of Xin Qi Pei, who we met in Bijie, China in 2014.

  • Destiny

    LAGOS, NIGERIA 2014 - A person's destiny might be the result of being in the right place at the right time. If you ask Juliana, she would attest to the fact that God’s intervention is the direct cause her baby Destiny being placed in our care for repair of her cleft lip.

  • I'm Beautiful Now!

    Picture of MinMin traveled 3 hours with his parents to our AfS clinic at the Victoria Hospital in Yangon to see if the doctors could repair his lip. He was the first patient in line to register and was one of the first to be operated on Tuesday. Nurse Ruth says the first thing he said after he woke up from surgery was..."Am I beautiful?"