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Alison Healy

Executive Director

My first experience in an undeveloped country was at the age of 12 when my father was the Peace Corps Director in Brazil. I did not know then that this would open my eyes and touch my heart in such a way that I would spend my teen years wondering how to help other people.

I have volunteered for many causes, but am particularly committed to developing international friendships and understanding as a platform for world peace. AfS’ mission is built on this very premise.

Moreover, the cleft work of AfS changes not just the life of the children we operate on, but it also transforms their family and community.

I believe that the value of our work is much bigger than just the operation itself. It is this knowledge that gets me up smiling every morning.

I am happiest traveling the world, but when I am at home, I live in Sausalito with my husband and 14-year-old son, both of whom hail from Mexico.