What Your Money Provides

Alliance for Smiles is an incredibly lean organization; Our normal overhead is just 6%! This means that out of every dollar donated only 6¢ (six cents!) goes to overhead.

Expenses for Fiscal Year 2016/2017, Including Donated Services

Program service expenses $692,097  
Value of donated services + $2,877,771  
Total Program Services: = $3,569,868 (94% of budget)
Mgmt & General Expens. $75,077 (2% of budget)
Fundraising + 151,552 (4% of budget)
Total Overhead: = $226,629 (6% of budget)




Provides needed sutures for one surgery and brings a child one step closer to healing.

Donate $250 Now!



Allows you to become part of the chain of goodwill by covering the land costs of a medical team member.

Donate $500 Now!


By donating the cost of surgery, you can give the miracle of a new life to a child in need.

Donate $1000 Now!


Even if you are not able to participate in a mission yourself, you can provide transportation for one of our medical team volunteers who donates their talents and skills.

Donate $2000 Now!


You can provide all the required medications for an entire mission , and bring smiles to dozens of children who would never have access to treatment otherwise. Contact us to discuss giving options.



Any donation that you give to AfS will help to continue the work of bringing hope and opportunity to under-served children & their families.





Your Organization, Company or Club can sponsor or co-sponsor a Medical Mission. This contribution would qualify your group to participate in a Medical Mission. Alliance for Smiles will partner with you to provide public relations that recognizes your organization's generosity. Please contact the office for more details.