A Touching Story from Changzhi

Changzhi, China
Thursday, April 21, 2016

We would love to share a touching story about a baby that visited us in Changzhi. The father was willing to share some background information about the family. The mother and father of the baby have been experiencing hardship due to the tough economic times. Further, they learned that their precious first daughter had a bilateral cleft lip. Fixing this would require a surgery that the family would not be able to afford. Fortunately, the father heard through his brother that AfS was coming to Changzhi. He was immediately filled with excitement and rushed to the hospital to sign up his daughter for the life-changing surgery. In fact, they were one of the very first to show up to our opening clinic!
AfS head nurse Rosemary Welde, had a particularly moving first-hand encounter with this baby and her family. Rosemary explained that the mother was very anxious in the waiting room, and at one time was crying with excitement about the new future that her daughter would have. Dr. Billy De Shazo took the helm and beautifully performed the surgery. After witnessing the handoff of baby to mother, Rosemary revealed that she would never forget the mother’s look of wonder and excitement as the baby was brought to her from the recovery room. Upon revisiting the family the next day, the father continued to express his gratitude to the AfS team for providing this once-in-a lifetime opportunity.