Teeth Whitening Event


To provide teeth whitening trays to any person wishing to make a direct donation to Alliance for Smiles for this service.


Set a date, make a schedule and staff volunteers! Make a schedule depending on your office size and hours you will work. You could do a one day fundraiser during which the office is dedicated to only scheduling teeth whitenings or you can do an entire month in which all teeth whitening will be at a discounted price and be a direct donation to Alliance for Smiles.

If someone is not a current patient in your office, it is advised to do an exam prior to impressions being taken.

Set a Price

Set your own patient fee depending on office location and economic climate. Suggested retail cost and donation to Alliance for Smiles is $150.00-$200.00 - based on whitening trays, valued at $350.00

Procure all materials needed.

Ask for donations and discounts on supplies! Have as much organized before the day as possible.

You will need:

  • whitening kits
  • all materials to take and pour impressions (use disposable trays)
  • mixing bowls
  • spatulas
  • alginates
  • lab bins
  • patient information slip
  • bibs/clips
  • basic setups
  • all materials and equipment needed to fabricate trays
  • bags with handles are a nice touch for patients to bring their materials home in
  • be sure to include an AfS brochure.

Inform Patients and Advertise

Advertise to current patients, friends and family. Once your date is set, start telling every patient! Involve your local Rotary Club to possibly send out an email blast to your area Rotarians who may like to take part. Place signs in your office informing patients of the date. Add an information sheet to your patient take home bags. Put a tag line on all reminder cards for patients. Let your patients know that this is open to everyone, not limited to current patients.

Contact the Alliance for Smiles office if you would like advertising material to place in your dental office. AfS can also provide before and after photos of children who have received free surgery through the work of AfS, so that everyone knows where their donation is going.

Here is an EXAMPLE of how a Chicago area dental office worked this AfS fundraiser in one day

All staff arrived early to set up. There were wto receptionists scheduling appointments, as well as checking people in for their appointments. They also confirmed every appointment two days prior.

One staff member was involved with hospitality. Coffee and bagels and lunch were brought in for staff who volunteered their time. The hospitality person checked in on all rooms and discussed and promoted the great work that Alliance for Smiles is doing. An AfS video was played in the reception area, as well as in the operatories.

Patients were pre-scheduled every 20 minutes from 8am to 1pm. Four rooms were used to take impressions. 2 to 4 staff members poured molds and fabricating trays. After impressions were taken, the patient set up their delivery date for their trays. Some came back later that day, others later in the week.

This office charged $150.00 for the teeth whitening procedure on this special fundraising day. The entire $150.00 was donated to Alliance for Smiles. Whitening trays are typically a $350.00 value in this office. Many people wrote a check for more than the $150.00. In one day, this dental office in Chicago raised more than $10,000.00 for Alliance for Smiles and the office gained several new patients.

If you have any questions about the functioning aspects of this fundraiser, we can give you plenty more information. You can also directly contact the Chicago area dental office exampled above. Please find their contact information below.

Mary Jensen, RDH,MS Dental Hygienist / Alliance for Smiles Volunteer Contact Info: The Office of Patrick O'Flaherty, DDS 2033 Ogden Ave Downers Grove, IL 60515 Phone: (630) - 963- 6750