Our 5,000th Child!

Alliance for Smiles
Completes 5000th Surgery
Baby Qi Picture
Suzhou City, China -- Congratulations are in order for Alliance for Smiles and its volunteer staff of talented medical personnel. On Sept 10, 2015, the organization completed its 5,000th surgery.
The family, a four month old baby boy (Zha Yu Qi) and his parents, Zhao Baixue and Zhu Xing Jian, said they feel so very grateful, and happy. Tears of joy flowed as Collin Wong handed their baby back following the surgery Wednesday morning.
Zha Yu Qi's story is a love story. It's a tale of a pair of teenagers who met, fell in love and married. They lost a set of twins when the babies died before they were born. And then came Zha Yu Qi. The parents were told before the baby was born that it would have a cleft lip, but that didn’t matter. It was a boy, their son and they had hope. The day their son was born it was raining so he is named after the rain.
As a migrant construction worker, father Zhao Baixue is gone for months at a time, but says there is not as much work during the season of the rain. Mother Zhu Xing Jian said she stays at home to give care to their child, and also to tend to her husband's 90 year old grandmother. They live in a house Zhao Baixue built by himself, using the skills he learned from his own father.
When the lady from the Family Planning Association arrived at their house to tell about the free surgeries, the young couple at first couldn't believe what they were hearing ... a special team of highly trained medical personnel were on their way.
Surgeon Ron Worland, anesthesiologist Iskra Ivanova and OR nurse Victoria Slama tended to the baby's care in the operating room. And for this, the baby and his family will be forever grateful.
Qi & Veronica
Veronica Mak retrieves Zhu Yu Qi from his father to transport him to the surgeons
Qi & Family
Colin Wong hands Qi back to the family
Qi & Mom
Tears flow when Zhu Xing Jian sees her baby boy for the first time following surgery