Alliance for Smiles was formally founded by five individuals: John Uth, John Goings, James Patrick, James Deitz and Anita Stangl. However, Alliance for Smiles wanted to recognize individuals who made a leap of faith in the concept of the work of Alliance for Smiles and decided to donate a minimum of $20,000 during the first four years of operation. They are also founders of Alliance for Smiles and will be recognized in perpetuity as such. The following individuals receive the honor of this unique position:

  • Mr. Burton Berry
  • Mr. Bill Benter
  • Mr. Wilber Breseman
  • Dr. Wallace Chang, M.D.
  • Ms. Cecile Chiquette
  • Dr. Scharleen Colant, Ph.D.
  • Dr. James Deitz, Ph.D.
  • Ms. Barbara Fisher
  • Mr. John Goings
  • Allan and Nancy Herzog
  • Mr. Howard Ho
  • The Family of Taipei
  • Mr. Joseph Hoffman
  • Mrs. Debbie Jefkin-Elnakave
  • Mr. Benjamin Lam
  • Mrs. Noime Liangco
  • Dr. Thomas Mack, D.V.M.
  • Mr. Donald Parachini
  • Mr. James Patrick
  • Ms. Esther Rebizzo
  • Ms. Dee Dee Ricks
  • Dr. Alan Stormo, M.D.
  • Mr. Eng-Rung Tsai
  • Mr. John Uth
  • Tai and Tony Wang (W.A.C. Lighting)
  • Dr. Colin and Mrs. Silvana Wong

Rotary Clubs who supported the work of Alliance for Smiles during its first four formative years with donations of $25,000 or more received the honor of being Founding Rotary Clubs. Alliance for Smiles recognizes three Rotary Clubs with this title and they will be recognized in perpetuity for their faith in the work and dreams of Alliance for Smiles.

The Rotary Club of San Francisco

The Rotary Club of Chicago

The Rotary Club of Wanchai, Hong Kong

Alliance for Smiles wishes to thank the above individuals and Rotary Clubs for their support which has helped Alliance for Smiles to not only facilitate medical missions during its first four years but to prosper and grow.